Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham

Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham in Jaipur Ayurvedic Centres Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham at JaipurTired of the never-ending hustle-bustle of city life?
Spread over a lush 45 acres, surrounded by more than 13,000 trees, one of the India’s largest Naturopathy & Yoga Centre. The cure to the aches & pains that just won’t go away. The way out of the inexplicable mood-swings that have become a part of urban life. With a capacity of 240 beds, we treat obesity, Constipation, Gastric Trouble, Hyper Acidity, Asthma, High and Low Blood Pressure, Kidney-Liver Disorders, Skin Diseases, Joint Pains, Diabetes, Gynae Problems, Sinusitis Prostatomegaly, Migraine and other curable as well as incurable maladies through massages, medicinal yogic asanas, Steam and Sauna Bath, Hydro Therapy, Chromotherapy, Helio Therapy, Physiotherapy, Magnet Therapy, Sujok and Mud Therapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Diet Alterations and many more scientific and effective means.
Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham aim is not only to cure a particular illness but to rejuvenate the whole body. Our aim is to instill in you a sense of well-being & to put a smile on your face.
The entire experience is built around the theme of caring for our patients just as we would care for family members & our experienced staff ensures that every facet of your stay with us feels like a stay with extended family. Our extended family now includes more than 20,000 smiling members from all over the world.
A virtual pilgrimage for those let down by conventional medicine. The place is the cure.
All our guests are charged very nominal amounts. Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham Main aim is to serve humanity.
Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham are not working with commercial intention. This institute is for service to mankind which is our eternal & internal desire.

Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham Located as Riico Industrial Area, Jaipur Agra Highway, Bassi, Hari Rampura, Rajasthan 303301.

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Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham